Avoiding Worst Domain Registrars (discover curious tips)

Not all domain registrars are created equal. Some are considered the best, others the worst and most are just average. Avoiding the worst domain registrars is arguably more important than choosing the best. It will save you many headaches down the road.

Reviews can be anecdotal but it is possible to distinguish between the best and worst domain registrars since, like the best, the worst have features that set them apart. Here are some factors to consider if you want to avoid the worst domain registrars. Domain name create your Online Store


Avoid domain registrars that promise rock-bottom pricing. Unless it is a one-year promotion, anything below $5 per year is very suspicious. Such registrars will ensnare you with their low prices but you will likely have difficulty administering your domain, experience difficulty cancelling or transferring it and end up paying many unnecessary fees in the end.

Ease of

use Ease of use comes down to the website design. Legitimate registrars invest in quality web design. Avoid registrars with crappy looking sites and poor user interface. Additionally, if purchasing your domain is not seamless, you are likely to encounter endless managing problems down the line so avoid such a site.


Does the company value profit margins more than client satisfaction? The worst registrars choose to shun all ethics and standard practices with their upselling and cross-selling techniques. Avoid domain registrars who are all about lock-ins and making a quick buck instead of building long customer relationships.


If a company views support as a cost rather than an investment, avoid it at all cost.If they d not offer prompt support in the form of phone support, chats or emails, you should avoid them. Decent companies offer 24/7/365 customer support.


Avoid domain registrars who do not have access to all top level domains (TLDs). Reputable companies with ICANN accreditation should offer both the traditional and generic TLDs approved by ICAAN. Choosing Business Domain Registration


These include having both domain and hosting packages within the same company and the presence and quality of additional features such as DNS and SSLs. You should opt for companies that offer free or very cheap domains in their hosting packages making the process of setting up a website very convenient.


Shady domain registrars will trick you into relinquishing some control of your domain. If making domain changes is not straight forward, avoid the site.


Successful avoidance of the worst domain registrars can be the difference between satisfaction and frustration, success and failure.

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